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Building with intention-or why it's important to look back as you look forward.

As we head into the festive season, let's gain perspective as we move forward. Location: Zoma's "Creative Space" Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago.

"Be a WARRIOR...not a WORRIER"- Anon.

2022 was a whole #mood-no lies told.

This was the year when many #founders became employees again, as they dipped back into 9-5 - as their income dried up.

Others, frustrated by the lack of markets and the dwindling access to financing - not to mention the bureaucratic red tape-simply "Chucked it in"

Whatever your choices- we were all "Shell Shocked".

So while you spend time with family and friends-and catch a breath as well, here's some tips to consider:

📌Be Gentle on Yourself:

Remember the old folks used to say, "Rome wasn't built in a day"?

Well... neither is your business.

Despite what the gurus say, getting to that 6-figure life ain't easy, plus-they almost never show you their failures.

So I'm gonna suggest you start 2023 by first giving yourself some grace.

Truth be told-we're all failing, learning from failure-only to fail again.

We're just improving our recovery time with prayer, a plan and a kick-ass strategy.

So be gentle on you. You're doing your best.

📌Take Breaks:

I love to create-and If given a chance, I'd do it all day.

But all work and no play?

You know the rest...

Remember, "Booked and Busy" may also look like "Overwhelmed and Burned out".

So in 2023, let's normalize taking time away - and see it as an opportunity to recharge and get a fresh perspective.

Your mental health will thank you for it!

I like "pretty things" and I try to create beauty as much as I can. Here's my Coffee Station! Sign: Juwelz Wood Art.

📌Mindset Matters:

As #founders, we're always battling with uncertainty. And we are sometimes soooo scared-especially when it's time to do something new.

That's why what we feed our minds with-Matters!

So whether it's yoga, journaling, or taking a walk outside-care for your mind; it's the secret to your success.

The true sign of intelligence isn't's imagination-Albert Einstein

📌Fear of Failure:

#Entrepreneurship has often been described as "Jumping out of a plane and building the parachute on the way down".

And this in large part is because of the risk inherent in this journey.

But it also says that failure is part of it-a big part.

So we need to reframe how we view failure-for one, we need to stop taking it personally.

It really isn't about YOU!

My 2023 suggestion?

Get comfortable with uncertainty-it's how you'll learn to take risks!

I tell people. "I brand Intentionally"-This means I'm a walking billboard for everything that my company stands for! Credit: The Sugar Shoppe.

📌Fear of Success:

Yes, it's a "Thing"- especially for #Sispreneurs,

And here's why:

We often feel that success will expose us to the jealous eyes, and over the top passive aggressiveness from our friends and loved ones.

And while this may be true-it also shouldn't be the real reason you're holding yourself back.

Success brings "Haters"- I know-but it also brings fans and supporters.

The other thing is, "Imposter Syndrome" is more common than you realize-even the most successful people feel it-but they keep pushing forward,-as should you.

Never forget you are equally worthy of success-you always were.

Build a legacy-and you'll be remembered long after you're gone! Credit: Colour Coordinators/Mihiza Upholstery

So here's my gift to you. 🧧🧧🧧

Open it...

Look it over...

And use these suggestions to power up your 2023 #strategy.

And while you're about it-go ahead and book a 1:1 Session with me-and let's work through your business challenges to clarity.

Here's the link:


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