Why we need more Female Leaders.

“Leadership is hard to define and good leadership even harder. But if you

can get people to follow you to the ends of the earth, you are a great


- Indra Nooyi.

Recently I've been following Indra Nooyi, former head of soft drink and snack

juggernaut, Pepsi-Co.

Indra's story is an example of why you should ignore status quo definitions of success.

☑️ She's an immigrant- born in Madras, India to a Tamil family;

☑️ She comes from a patriarchal culture- where investment in females are usually

stymied by the belief that they will leave the workplace to get married and start families.

☑️ The "Glass Ceiling"/Pay Gap in corporate America is an ongoing challenge for

women/women of colour.

However, none of these barriers affected her trajectory, which included a scholarship to

the Yale School of Management in 2008.

Indra Nooyi: Courtesy Forbes.com

She's also a wife, mother and avid cricket fan.

What can we learn from her experiences and how can we apply these lessons as female entrepreneurs?

1. That limitations are largely self-imposed- as a child Indra was encouraged to imagine she was President of India; each night at dinner she had to describe how she would solve an issue/problem if she was the head of state;

2. That we are greater than our deepest fears - when she transitioned from CFO to CEO, Indra was fearful but knew that for buy-in she needed to appear confident, optimistic and resilient. 3. That we need to build a community/ tribe to stand with us. Indra saw herself as a "global shopkeeper"- during her tenure, she visited grocery stores and listened to their operational challenges - and made the necessary changes in terms of product development and design.

How many of you are still standing on the sidelines?

Drop me a line about One challenge you’re currently facing.

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