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Embrace the "Suck": How to keep going (when you want to give up)

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Do I feel fear? Yes! Does it stop me? on...

“How long should you try? Until.”- Jim Rohn.

I had an aunt who I loved deeply.

Avril was strong-willed, with a dry wit, and could cuss like a sailor.

A total "badass", she left Trinidad at 40 to begin a new life in the United States, with 3 children in tow-1 of whom was disabled.

But somehow, she made it, and with hard work and huge sacrifices, she bought a house in Trinidad-and would come home almost every Christmas.

One day while chatting with me, she confessed "Rhonda, I wasn't born hard-life got me that way"

It's been more than 10 years since we had that conversation-and as I get older, I've come to understand not just what she said, but what she meant.

I'm sharing this story because I know you're not O.K- it's been a huge shit-show - it's hit us from all sides, a pandemic and the follow-up economic upheaval-lost jobs, evictions, and business closures.

And If this wasn't enough, there's been protests, hurricanes, global warming, and a bitter political season that has all the elements of a Greek tragedy...and it's not over yet...

So I understand when you say that you're tirrreeddd!!!...truth is, we all are!!

We're gonna be wearing a mask for a while still...let's keep it fly!!
Children have felt the brunt of it, the mental cost is yet to be quantified.Image: August de Richieleu
For every reason it’s not possible, there are hundreds of people who have faced the same circumstances and succeeded.”- Jack Canfield

So before you throw in the towel, here's some tips to keep you going:

1. Set SMARTER Goals

SMARTER Goals are specific, meaningful, achievable, AND relevant. They're also time-bound and can be evaluated and adjusted - if need be.

However, the most important step in this process involves figuring out what this goal means to YOU. To do this, ask yourself:

"Why do I want this so badly?"

You'll need to get clear about what achieving this goal will look like, how it will change your life and the lives of those you love.

This is extremely important- because without a strong motivation - you’ll give up.

2. Do what you love to do and it won’t ever feel like work

In the last few years of my 8-4- I HATED it!!. I felt underutilized and useless.

Each day I literally had to talk myself into going to work. I put on weight, I became a clock-watcher. I lost all enthusiasm. People who love what they do never give up.

But if you’re not doing something you love, then look at it as a stepping stone - a way to get to where you're headed.

Don’t settle for less.

3. Think about what you’ve achieved in the past.

What goals have you already accomplished?

What's been your wins-especially those that you thought you couldn't do?

As human beings, we're all wired for success.

However, having a point of reference helps keep the momentum going.

When we use smaller victories as "success breadcrumbs"; we can reach for the bigger dreams.

“Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” - Conrad Hilton.

There's always an opportunity to smile
Success can come at any age! Image: @owenbrucephotography

4. Use the "Rule of 5

Let's talk about the rule of 5 - a commitment to taking 5 daily actions to move your goal towards completion. This forces you to think outside the box and do things you haven't previously considered.

For example, let's suppose you have a monetary goal.

Some of your strategies could be:

  1. emailing 5 prospects every day,

  2. taking 5 related actions such as:

    1. creating a finance tracker;

    2. making one cold call,

    3. writing converting copy;

    4. fixing a bug on your website,

    5. or reading 10% of a book on marketing.*

I'll say it here: success is incremental.

And it includes a strategy, carefully designed and executed over time.

Always remember-only change causes change!!

I'm always available to give you that push!! So go ahead and book that clarity session today!

And let's make this your best year ever!!


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