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1) In the event of a cancellation resulting in an appointment opening, all individuals on the calling list may be emailed and/or texted to notify them of the opening. Openings are first-come, first-serve so whoever responds positive first will claim the spot.


2) In the event individuals on the cancellation list do NOT claim the opening within 5 working days of it being sent, the opening will then be announced on social media.


3) If a client is sent six (6) appointment opening notifications/remains on the cancellation list for 6 months with NO response (positive OR negative) or communication of any kind, they may be subject to removal from the cancellation list. Responses/indication of continued interest is appreciated either way.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards at Location
-  Bank Deposit should be sent to:

    Name: Rhonda Maria Glynn

    ScotiaBank Total Access Account: 2401610

    Bank Routing Number: 10405

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