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Why Zoma?

When planning strategies designed to grow your entrepreneurial skillset, it is important to align yourself with like-minded individuals. Three reasons why Zoma Business Solutions is your best choice in this regard:


1. To find the problem(s): 

Many times a business may be exhibiting problematic “symptoms”, such as a decrease in sales, issues with its cash flow or challenges with its internal controls. Using both observational data, research and tests, Zoma Business Solutions can determine the root of the problem, and suggest options to restore you to profitability 

2. To create the solution(s):
In some cases, you may have a goal that you can’t achieve internally either because of skill gap or because it is simply not within your company’s core competency. Hiring a good consultant can save time and money, and ultimately achieve a better result.

3. Optimization:
In some cases, your company may have grown very quickly. There may still be many things you should be doing better, but often, you don’t know where to start. 


Zoma Business Solutions can bring in fresh perspectives, evaluate any or all areas of your business, and determine processes and procedures designed to increase your productivity levels.


  • What is the company about?
    It’s a business consultancy that targets small, medium and micro entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer: Training Workshops for Business Challenges 1:1 Coaching Assistance with Business Planning Business Processes for start-up companies We also do entrepreneur events both for the company and for outside contractors. In addition, we do Frontline/Customer Service Training.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can book via: Our website FB @Zoma.Biz Contacting us via email- You can also call us @1 (868)460-4158 to schedule an appointment.
  • Do you open on weekends?
    We open from 9-12 on Saturdays. We’re closed on Sundays unless we’re doing a workshop, event, or by very special request.
  • Can I just drop by the office?
    No, but if you call first, we’d love to see you!
  • What are the workshops like?
    Very interactive. We ensure that you leave, refreshed, motivated and FED!!
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    We understand that things happen. But in order to ensure that each customer is afforded the best in quality of service, we charge a 5% cancellation fee if cancellation is not done at least 8 hours in advance.
  • If I make an appointment and I don’t turn up, do I get a refund?"
    No. We try to work with each customer to ensure they get value for money. Your payment will be set against our very next workshop, or the next time the indicated area is offered.
  • How will I benefit from a coaching session?
    That depends on you. But feedback from satisfied clients has convinced us that in many instances, a 1:1 coaching session is just what an entrepreneur needs to gain clarity in his/her business.
  • Do I get a certificate of completion/participation when I attend the workshops?
    Yes, and No. We usually send a certificate of participation online - We like the environment and take a ‘Green View”- reduce, reuse and recycle.
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