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What's your Customer Service Strategy?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.” - Kevin Stirtz.

This week I was subjected to 2 episodes of appalling customer service.

First episode: I called my ISP to ask why, for the 3rd time this month, I was left without internet service-as someone who works remotely, WIFI is the lifeblood of my business.

The CSR gave me the standard lingo, “We’re sorry about the inconvenience...tra la la”.

When I asked if I could speak to a supervisor/manager to get an update, I suddenly got a dial tone… yep, she hung up on me!!

Next episode: I booked an aerobic session, only to be informed by the provider that the appointment was no longer available due to “personal issues”. Keep in mind, this was an automated booking system-and according to IT, it was an available time. I tried to negotiate another time-and was informed that there was only 1-time available-and that I should check the app (the same app that I booked on...sheesh!!)

THIS ladies and Gentlemen, "IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!"

So as a PSA to my #entrepreneurs, #fempreneurs, and #startups this is what your Customer/Frontline Service Strategy should look like:

Customer service is just a day in, day out ongoing, never ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate, type of activity. -Leon Gorman

Four tips to build an effective Customer Service Strategy:

1. Never leave them waiting:

According to recent research, 41% of customers/clients cite being put on hold as their #1 frustration. It tells them that you don't respect their time or their trade. In frustration they hang up, never to return or recommend your business, product, or service to anyone.

To change this, ensure that you train your employees to answer that phone by the 2nd ring!!

And smile before they/you pick up-people can sense your warmth the minute you start talking.

2.Know your customers:

Every Customer/Client loves the "personal touch" to their service interaction.

When you can recall their names, previous "convos", and interests, you help them feel that you're not purely "transactional" you're keenly interested in them and are enthused for the privilege to serve them. Remember, it's always the "little things" - a birthday card, how their kids are doing, the latest stats from their favorite sports team-translated, this shows that you care; and keeps them coming back.

3. Fix your mistakes

No matter how hard we try... things will go wrong. When this happens, taking responsibility helps to maintain transparency in your business - failing to take responsibility harms your reputation... 'Nuff said.

4. Go the extra mile

Going the "extra mile" to make sure your customer/client has the "very best experience" not only results in an extremely happy customer, but will also result in future referrals - a happy customer becomes an evangelist for your brand,

So here's the tip sheet for my latest rant:

1. Never leave them waiting:

2. Know your customers: they are your bread and butter

3. Fix your mistakes: sh** happens. admit. apologize.fix.

4. Go the extra mile: a loyal customer is created with exceptional service, delivered consistently

And there it is. If you need help getting your strategy right, reach out to me to book your session via my website or drop me an email at


Unknown member
Jul 27, 2020

It sounds like a great idea...I'll do some content built around it...thanks for the feedback


Unknown member
Jul 14, 2020

May I recommend a series on creating the ideal customer experience. 😉

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