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4 reasons why business owners need to make Customer Relationships a priority in 2023.

Building strong customer relationships matter-especially now! Credit: De'-Colle-Te' By Natalie Howe
Business is all about well you build them determines how well they build your business-Brad Sugars.

From time to time, I'll shift from being a "Service Provider" to a consumer of a good or service.

And when that happens, I'm always dismayed at the cavalier attitude displayed by some #businessowners.

It's almost as if it's ALL ABOUT THEM...and not about the people they want to serve.

Sometimes, I grin and bear it.

But then sometimes...I HAVE to talk about it...which invariably, opens another can of worms.

Here below, are 4 benefits of having a strong relationship #strategy for your customers and clients:

1. Helps minimize bad customer service experiences:

It's still true - a complaining customer is your greatest source of learning.


Here's the numbers:

📌78% of customers say they will stop buying from a company if they experience poor customer service.

📌Consumers who rate a company’s service as “good” are 38% more likely to recommend that company to others.

📌83% of customers say that they feel more "loyal" to brands that respond and resolve their complaints.

Your customers no longer compare you to just your direct competitors. Instead, they compare you to the best service they have ever received – from any company-Shep Hyken.

What's your "Customer Retention Strategy" Don't have one? Why not? Credit: De'-Colle-Te' By Natalie Howe.

2. It helps you retain customers over the long term:

Loyal customers are like a "gift that keeps on giving"- in fact, 86% of customers who have an “emotional connection” with a brand are more likely to continue doing business in the future.

These customers are also more likely to refer your product or service to their friends, coworkers and families, resulting in increased earnings-and retention.

Brands are failing to create the positive, emotional experiences that drive customer loyalty.” The result is that 67 percent of customers have become “serial switchers,” customers who are willing to switch brands because of a poor customer experience-NewVoiceMedia.

3. It sets you up to scale:

Every big business was once a small business. This means if you're doing it right, to meet increased demand-you'll need to grow.

So what happens then?

Your existing customer relationships will help introduce you to a wider market. It will also provide you with useful data-data that can be incentivized to acquire a larger customer base, using CRM Tools.

4. Increases sales and marketing efficiency

Here's the thing, the more you know about your customer, the easier it is to serve them-AND the easier it becomes to help them to "partner" with you.

📌It also helps your sales team to become more efficient-since they'll be serving an engaged customer base.

📌It also helps your marketing team to create opportunities to get more customers onboard.

📌It also helps you to #strategize-since you'll only be talking to "ideal" prospects-who WANT what you're offering-who are seeing the "solutions" and the "transformations" in their lives...

Should I continue? *little violin playing*🎻🎻🎻🎻

Yeah...all that good stuff.😏

But it won't happen-if you don't start with that "Moment of Truth" - that occasion when a customer’s interaction is so impactful that it alters their perception of your brand.

In "Customer Relationships", there are 3 "Moments of Truth"- Do you know what they are? Credit: De'-Colle-Te' By Natalie Howe.

So here it is, 4 reasons why you need to make your "Customer Relationships" a priority in 2023.

Are you ready to start building yours?


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