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4 Critical Elements of Branding a Small Business

When your brand becomes the "Cornerstone" of your message!

"Branding helps build the bridge between you and your people"-Molly Ho.

Here's what your "Brand" isn't. It's not your:

  1. Logo

  2. Colors

  3. Tagline

  4. Fonts

These are your "Brand Assets"- important for identifying you in a sea of similar products and services-but not the reason you'll be remembered by your "ideal potential customer".

Walk any aisle in your local supermarket, and here's what's on display:

  • price

  • quality

  • packaging

  • design

  • marketing

All of which captures and holds that 8-second attention span, determining whether someone will pick up-and purchase from you.

Still not convinced?

Let's dive deeper-and let's discuss 4 Critical Elements of your Branding Strategy.

Intentional Branding at it's best: Design: The Finer Detailstt

Element #1:Know your "Why.

As a small business owner your "Backstory" is critical to encouraging others to engage with you. Truth be told, everyone loves a "Superhero Story", how you decided to create a good or service, the challenges you faced-and overcame.

Additionally, knowing "why" also helps you to:

  • Make decisions about who you'll work with;

  • What you'll offer;

  • What you'll say and do;

  • What you won't.

This, is your BRAND PURPOSE

The goal of branding isn't to attract EVERYONE-it's to attract the RIGHT PEOPLE - that resonate with you and your brand-Molly Ho studios

Element #2: Know your "Ideal Customer".

Here's the thing. No matter how good you are-some people aren't going to like you.

The solution?

Get over it.

As a #smallbusinessowner most of the time you're bootstrapping your biz-financing most of your operations, and accepting the risk that goes with it. No sense wasting time, energy and resources-you'll just frustrate yourself.

Instead, start by asking yourself:

  • What segment of the market am I targeting?

  • Who most needs this "Thing" I'm creating?

  • Whose problems do I most understand?


Help your "Ideal Clients" resonate with your brand at every touchpoint. Photo: Scully Photography

Element#3: Be Unique

Remember we talked about that 8-second attention span? To capture and hold your client's attention, you've got to stand out. Your visuals must allow them to instantly recognize you-your story, message and "Unique Selling Position" must be crafted to make THEM not YOU-the heroes/sheroes of your story.

To do this, ask yourself:

  • Why should they choose me?

  • What benefits of my product/service would be hard to replicate?

Remember, your competition's doing the same thing-ensuring there's no easy substitute for what they're offering.


Every brand has it's own personality-that's what makes them stand out - Wholehearted

Element #4: Create an AMAZING Client "Experience".

As a #businessstrategist, my number one piece of advice I give to my clients is this:

"Be Excellent"

Translated, that means:

  • Focus on the little things;

  • Go the "Extra Mile";

  • Under promise - and Over deliver.

Remember, "Word of Mouth" is still your best marketing strategy!

To triangulate your customer experience, ask yourself, "Will your customer say:

  1. That you delivered a Fast/"Hassle-Free" service?

  2. That you were Thorough and Detail-Oriented?

  3. That you paid attention to process?

  4. That you were compassionate, empathetic and empowering?

  5. That they felt you "Vibed" with them?


Always create memories! They'll be sharing that "Feel Good" with friends and family-who will become your "Future Clients"! Photo Credit: Scully Photography

So here it is, 4 Critical Elements of Branding a small business.

And yes, there's more!

For that, Book our 1:1 Coaching Session-in person or virtually, via

We've also introduced a brand new branding package especially designed for medium-sized businesses and startups!

Book today-and let's get you started!


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