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4 Critical Elements of Branding a Small Business

When your brand becomes the "Cornerstone" of your message!

"Branding helps build the bridge between you and your people"-Molly Ho.

Here's what your "Brand" isn't. It's not your:

  1. Logo

  2. Colors

  3. Tagline

  4. Fonts

These are your "Brand Assets"- important for identifying you in a sea of similar products and services-but not the reason you'll be remembered by your "ideal potential customer".

Walk any aisle in your local supermarket, and here's what's on display:

  • price

  • quality

  • packaging

  • design

  • marketing

All of which captures and holds that 8-second attention span, determining whether someone will pick up-and purchase from you.

Still not convinced?

Let's dive deeper-and let's discuss 4 Critical Elements of your Branding Strategy.

Intentional Branding at it's best: Design: The Finer Detailstt

Element #1:Know your "Why.

As a small business owner your "Backstory" is critical to encouraging others to engage with you. Truth be told, everyone loves a "Superhero Story", how you decided to create a good or service, the challenges you faced-and overcame.

Additionally, knowing "why" also helps you to:

  • Make decisions about who you'll work with;

  • What you'll offer;

  • What you'll say and do;

  • What you won't.

This, is your BRAND PURPOSE

The goal of branding isn't to attract EVERYONE-it's to attract the RIGHT PEOPLE - that resonate with you and your brand-Molly Ho studios

Element #2: Know your "Ideal Customer".

Here's the thing. No matter how good you are-some people aren't going to like you.

The solution?

Get over it.

As a #smallbusinessowner most of the time you're bootstrapping your biz-financing most of your operations, and accepting the risk that goes with it. No sense wasting time, energy and resources-you'll just frustrate yourself.

Instead, start by asking yourself:

  • What segment of the market am I targeting?

  • Who most needs this "Thing" I'm creating?

  • Whose problems do I most understand?


Help your "Ideal Clients" resonate with your brand at every touchpoint. Photo: Scully Photography

Element#3: Be Unique

Remember we talked about that 8-second attention span? To capture and hold your client's attention, you've got to stand out. Your visuals must allow them to instantly recognize you-your story, message and "Unique Selling Position" must be crafted to make THEM not YOU-the heroes/sheroes of your story.

To do this, ask yourself:

  • Why should they choose me?

  • What benefits of my product/service would be hard to replicate?

Remember, your competition's doing the same thing-ensuring there's no easy substitute for what they're offering.


Every brand has it's own personality-that's what makes them stand out - Wholehearted

Element #4: Create an AMAZING Client "Experience".

As a #businessstrategist, my number one piece of advice I give to my clients is this:

"Be Excellent"

Translated, that means:

  • Focus on the little things;

  • Go the "Extra Mile";

  • Under promise - and Over deliver.

Remember, "Word of Mouth" is still your best marketing strategy!

To triangulate your customer experience, ask yourself, "Will your customer say:

  1. That you delivered a Fast/"Hassle-Free" service?

  2. That you were Thorough and Detail-Oriented?

  3. That you paid attention to process?

  4. That you were compassionate, empathetic and empowering?

  5. That they felt you "Vibed" with them?