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5 Benefits of using email marketing this season.

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Keep building relationships while making sales!

"The more valuable you make yourself, the more value you'll attract" - Myles Monroe.

As small business owners, the sale matters.

But while that's important, we can find ourselves forgetting about future sales - the dollars that come as a result of an intentional marketing strategy.

Since most #founders have unique needs and a tighter budget, every penny spent on promoting your products or services must benefit your bottom line.

An often overlooked strategy is email marketing- an efficient means of ensuring your small business products and services are able to reach your customers, grow your base, as well as build your reputation.

Best of all, managing an email campaign is easier than you'd imagine.

Email Marketing is the next logical step after the initial sale

What's Email Marketing?

Broadly defined, it's "sending commercial emails to a list of contacts who've given you their express permission to receive email communications from you."

Emails can be used to inform your contacts, drive sales, and build a community around your product or service.

Types of emails

Your marketing strategy will determine the emails you send. Some of these include:

📌Promotional Emails:

These are used to promote special offers, new product releases, eBooks, and webinars.

Keep in mind that your promotional emails must always have a clear "call-to-action" or CTA, for short. telling your customer what "action" you want them to take - whether it's visiting your website, signing up for your webinar, or making a purchase.

📌Informational Emails

These fall into 2 categories:

1. Newsletters: these emails share news related to your business, and can include new milestones, new products, or industry-specific information your customer may find useful.

Sent at regular intervals - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly- newsletters help establish your brand as a leader and you as a subject matter expert!

Additionally, it doesn't have to be LONG, since it's much like a letter to your best friend - complete with emojis and gifs!

2. Announcements: these emails are the perfect way to inform your customers of upcoming products or any changes to your services, extended business hours, etc.

Passion + consistency=SUCCESS! - Lillia Liptak

5 Benefits of Email Marketing

So now that we've shared WHAT it is, now we can show you WHY you should be using it!

🎄Benefit #1:

Your customers like to know you’re thinking about them.

Given that most of us check our phones before we even roll out of bed, what if you offer "doorbusters'" for the early risers?. This helps to promote your business products/services-making them are one of the first things they think about for the day-and may decide to make plans around it.

Email marketing can deliver that FOMO they're looking for.

🎄Benefit #2:

Helps you develop your brand's "uniqueness"

Email marketing's a great way to develop your brand since it allows you to stand out to potential customers. This helps you create a "unique" voice, style, and image that they can "vibe" with. Especially in the Christmas season you can create a special product or service geared to your loyal customers, or better yet, ask for their suggestions to make the season brighter!

You can stay "On Brand" AND stand out!

🎄Benefit #3:

Email marketing's not just about sale information or product upgrades.

You can also repurpose content - customized to the "Festive Season"- especially those carousels (or Reels) where you wanted to add "more meat". Additionally, you can use email marketing to deliver unique content (Your favorite Christmas Traditions-let them share theirs!)-that your customers will enjoy reading-or watching.

Remember: Video allows you to establish your brand - and you as a thought leader in your industry

Seek to be worth knowing rather than be well known-Brandie Gruss.

🎄Benefit #4:

Allows you to get the best "bang" for your marketing buck.

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing for small businesses is its efficient use of time and budget.

Creating a professional email marketing campaign isn’t complicated or time-consuming- there are lots of templates available including this.

Additionally, you'll have the benefit of direct access to the inboxes of potential customers without having to pay the costs of direct mail.

🎄Benefit #5

Helps you build credibility in your biz.

Christmas is the one time when it's okay to "Shop 'till you drop". In the aftermath of the pandemic, people are even more family-focused, and bonds are being formed - or rekindled.

You may find yourself creating new relationships-either through new customers or referrals, This gives you a golden opportunity to "step up"-with emails being part of it.

Keep in mind that the main reason people support "big name" businesses is largely due to their marketing strategies. These companies then become "known" in the minds of clients/prospective clients -which helps build trust.

This could be the season you become a "Loyal Brand"-one they'll share with everyone they know!

Success isn't overnight. It's when everyday you get a little better than before. It adds up -Dwayne Johnson.

Think of this season's sales as the proving ground for future sales!

So there it is: 5 benefits of email marketing, even in the midst of the festive season.

Think you need a little more? Then book your 1:1 Clarity Session in person or on Zoom.

Let's make your business goals happen in 2023!


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