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5 reasons your brand isn't selling

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Purchase is determined by the them!

"Stop selling...start helping" -Zig Ziglar.

Have you ever felt victimized in a sale?

I know I have.

Recently I took my car to a new garage to change my battery.

Seems cut and dried...right?


Within 2 days, they found all sorts of faults with with my car....I started to feel I was driving Fred Flintstone's know, the one with the rock wheels, that moved only when he ran...

To make a bad thing worse, every time I deferred a service- yup, they'd add another service...'a la "Alice in Wonderland".

Obviously, I became suspicious...and that was the end of the sale.

The best way to sell something? Don't sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who might buy-Rand Fishkin.

Here's the thing:

Your clients want to buy...

But if you're feeding their fears instead of helping them rise above their challenges, they'll walk...hell, they'll RUN away from you!

Want to know how to make that "heart-felt" sale?

Let's start by looking at 5 reasons why it's not happening-and fix those mistakes

Are you turning up where your customers hang out?

  1. Your "ideal customer" hasn't seen enough of you.

According to the marketing rule of seven it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place.

This means in order to get them interested enough to buy, you need to "turn up". None of that "Posting and Ghosting", or Showing up ONLY when you feel like it.

Sharing your brand story and your product/service offerings across multiple platforms .,, gives you home court advantage. Additionally, "word of mouth" is still the best marketing strategy out there-so use it!

2. They're just not "Feeling" you.

When it comes right down to it, purchase is an emotional experience. Ask any woman who longs for a Louboutin red bottom - for her it's not just a shoe- it's a dream,

Retailing at $US1000+ these shoes are status symbols - everyone wants one- but not everyone can afford it.

Tapping into your customers' 'triggers'- love, fear, lust , etc,. helps them feel emotionally connected with your brand, making for an easier sale.

A good thing sells itself...a bad one advertises itself-African Proverb

3. Your Customer isn't seeing your value.

Your customers are looking for TRANSFORMATION. It could be as simple as the perfect French manicure

For best results, help them become the hero of their story- better yet, share yours! This allows them to see the benefits of your offer-and more importantly, how it will "transform" their lives.

Every sale gives you the opportunity to share a review or a testimonial-use it!

4. Your Customer doesn't Trust you...yet.

One of the most important #strategy questions you'll ask is. "Why should they care?". That's because if you don't give them a reason to -THEY WON'T.

Gain their trust by becoming a "go-to voice" in your community. Share customer testimonials and reviews, collaborate with others in the space.

Join a Facebook Group-and contribute! Engage with micro influencers - they may be closer to your targeted customer.

Remember, people buy from PEOPLE- it's also the best way to grow organically.

A complaining customer can be your best opportunity to show how good you are...and create a customer evangelist-Shep Hyken.

Tempt them with your product/service...and then make it hassle-free to buy!

5. They're confused - help them gain clarity.

Look, you can have the very best IG Feed, Website, whatever - but if it doesn't guide your customer to actually make a decision?...crickets.

Ask yourself-Am I actually helping them to BUY? There's a number of ways you can gain the attention that results in conversion, including:

  • A direct Call to Action (CTA),

  • Payment Platform,

  • Mobile-Enabled/Point of Sale payments - among others.

Telling your customers what you'd like them to do, allows them to make their purchases quicker, easier and stress-free-which is ALWAYS a beautiful thing!

Quality of service is remembered, long after the price is forgotten-Unknown

So there it is 5 Reasons why you're not selling + 5 Ways to fix it! If you need any more, Sign up for my 1:1 Coaching Session, in person or virtually. You'll be sooo glad you did!


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