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Here's 4 branding mistakes you might be making right now...and how to fix them.

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

There's something "Empowering" about a Brand done well. Photo Credit: Scully Photography

First Concept...then Design"-Unknown.

As "Scrappy Entrepreneurs, when it comes to branding your product or service it's tempting to "Do it Yourself".

And to be honest, it can work...if you take the time and make the effort.

Most times, however, you try to rush things-with disastrous results.

Want to know how to avoid 4 common pitfalls?

Read on...

Mistake #1: Creating only what YOU like.

You may be the face of your brand-but you are not your brand.


Because it's never about you-it's always about your client.

Therefore, Your "only" job is to create a product or service that offers a "Solution" (better yet, a "Transformation") in the lives of those you're serving.

To do this, start by asking yourself:

  • How old are they?

  • What's their income?

  • What's their education level?

  • Where are they at this point in their journey?

  • What's important to them?

  • Where do they hang out?

  • Where do they shop (for food, clothing & extras)?

  • Who are their friends?

  • What does a typical day look like for them?

  • What do they do for leisure? For Fun?

  • What do they struggle with?

  • What inspires them?

  • What's their "ideal lifestyle"?

  • Where do they see themselves in 1, 5 or 10 years' time?

Branding is about so much more than what people's how you make them FEEL.-Kimberly Hadyn.

Mistake #2: There's a disconnect between your Brand Mission, Personality and Values and your Brand Elements.

What's your Brand Personality? Bold? Playful? Whimsical? Is it being reflected in your Brand Assets? If not, Why Not? Photo Credit: Scully Photography

Here's a quick reminder: Your Brand Mission is best described as "How you plan to create flow In the lives of those you serve".

To figure this out, ask yourself:

  • Why does my brand exist?

  • Who's is it for?

  • How can it improve their lives ?

By the same token, your Brand Personality grows out of your "Purpose". Done well, it resonates with your "Ideal Client" and ramps up your 'Know, Like and Trust".

For success, start by asking yourself, "Who's my brand to my customers-is it":

  1. Funny?

  2. Bold?

  3. Playful?

  4. Understated?

  5. Luxurious?

Knowing this helps you craft your visuals, fonts and colors, since they'll be a reflection of what you're trying to say.

Simply put, your "Brand Values" are an indication of how you plan to show up in the world.

For clarity, start by asking, "What’s important to me?" is it:

  1. customer service,

  2. community culture,

  3. design and aesthetics,

  4. sustainability?

Your values are a story- well told, potential clients and customers will be drawn to it-especially if it reflects their own P.O.V. In turn, they 'll become advocates of your brand.

A good brand should be FELT as well as seen-Unknown.

Mistake #3: There's a "Gap" between your brand and your brand strategy.

This is a common mistake-a disconnect between your Brand "Intention" and how it's "Perceived".

Usually, this is happens when you're hurrying the process-and you're confusing your Brand Assets with your Brand Strategy.

To fix this, ask yourself: "Where is my brand going to live?"

This helps you figure out your brand's mission, personality, values, and most of all, your target market.

It also helps you to triangulate:

  • Who you're trying to reach.

  • What's your message-and why it should matter to them.

  • What you’re offering-and what's the transformation behind it.

Remember, the more you know about your brand, the easier it is to reach and sell to your "Ideal customer".

Think of your "Branding Strategy" as "Layering"- Consistently showing up at every touchpoint over and over again. Photo Credit: Scully Photography

Mistake#4: Your brand lacks consistency.

Here's a sad fact-A confused customer won't buy-People want to buy from people and brands that they can trust. If they're confused by your branding, they won't engage with you-that means no sale.

How do you move them past skepticism to trust?

Do a "self check" of your brand-and ask yourself:

  • Would I trust my own brand?

  • Is it clear, cohesive, and consistent?

  • Does it radiate confidence and clarity?

You create a credible brand by staying true to who you are-Hilary Sauchuck

And there you are-4 branding mistakes you may be making right now...and how to fix them.

Sounds like a lot to consider?

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It's a collaborative effort between some of my design friends-ensuring that every aspect of your design requirements are handled in one place-and there's even a payment plan!

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