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The Plan...Hmmmmm...

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Make a list...but always factor in the unexpected

Often, we have a to-do list of things to accomplish, and we leave the house determined to check them all off before we return. But often the day has other ideas-other agendas, other peoples’ plans and before you know it, we are sidetracked, sidelined, delayed, and postponed. When this happens, we feel defeated and wonder if we should have stayed home with a cup of tea and a good book and never ventured out

Take yesterday,

  • I started off trying to get to a networking meeting with fellow entrepreneurs. Didn’t happen.

  • Tried to get my phone bill paid at my network provider-Nyet.

  • Tried to pay my cable bill-same story.

By 3pm, frustrated and weary at my failed attempts, I returned home to have a meal and regroup.

Sometimes the best laid plans....
The Oxford Dictionary defines a delay as, ‘a period of time in which something is late or postponed’- therefore, a delay can also be viewed as an opportunity to regroup, to rethink strategy, or to do some more research. At worst, it may be while you were all ready and on fire, the world had other plans, as it invariably does.

In the end, I found other things to do while dealing with my ‘delay’- I went to yoga class, where I ‘ying’ meditated,

I got together with friends and exchanged ideas about the next step in the entrepreneurial journey.

And most of all, I reminded myself (as should you), - I can afford to divert from the plan from time to time -as long as I get back on track at the earliest opportunity!!

How's your strategy? Need help-If you do, I'm always a click away!! Book my free 15-minute session and let's create better plans-together!!!

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Miembro desconocido
23 sept 2019

Yes I can relate ..I love the rethink, re-strategize, re-group....😀

Me gusta
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